I’m Back!!

Hello everyone! I’m back after a long unplanned siesta that I wasn’t honestly sure I would return from. Because blogging is hard. It’s really hard sometimes. There’s branding and image finding and editing and social media and trying to find followers and a thousand other details that makes the perfectionist in me want to scream. I got so bogged down in trying to have the perfect blog that I lost the joy and forgot what I was writing about in the first place.

Luckily, I think God still has a plan for me and this little blog. How do I know? Because the joy is back. God spent the summer revealing truths to me that I had never truly grasped before. And ladies, that leads to some joy. Big joy. Capital J-O-Y.
I cannot wait to share.
But, since I’m moving away from having the perfect blog, that means that I have to take the pressure off. I don’t have a posting schedule because sometimes college is busy and I have to stay off the Internet and study! I’m also dropping all of the parts of blogging that I hate- like marketing myself. God will bring the people who need to read this blog.
So if you’re here, hello! Welcome! If someone hasn’t told you today, God has a great big plan for you and your life! I hope that I can play a part and help you become the woman Hod wants you to be. Thanks for stopping by!

Four Different Types of Planners

types of planners

Hello, everyone! I’ve been offline for a little bit, but I am back and ready to get back to blogging! As y’all probably know by now, I am a huge planner addict   lover. I love to bullet journal, because it helps me stay organized. But, I have heard a lot of people in the planning world (namely Facebook and Instagram) who aren’t the biggest fans of bullet journaling. Which is totally cool. This system is definitely not for everyone! So, for all of you planner lovers out there, here are four different types of planners that work for different people. Continue reading →

Learn to Say No

Learn How to Say No

Happy Saturday! Sorry for the late post, but life is a little crazy right now for me (I should really practice my own advice more– oops!). Anyway, as you can see, this is my last post in the Simplify Your Life series, and today is all about the importance of learning how to say no!

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Plan with Me: May

May Plan with Me (1)
Normally I would say happy Friday, but last week was finals week– so the blog post totally did not happen. Sorry for that, but school is over now! Iam so excited to share this blog post with you guys because it is about one of my favorite things- my bullet journal! Let’s jump right in to his month’s plan with me post!

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How to Organize Your Space in No Time

How to Organize Your Space in No Time (1)SAM_2578

SAM_2580 SAM_2582

That’s right– this was my desk just a few short days ago. I am ashamed of my typically-overorganized self, but the messiness is there laid out in all of its glory. After a month of being so busy that I could not keep up with keeping this area clean, I could not take the clutter anymore. I  So, this weekend I went to town to organize my desk.
It was glorious.
While I am a huge fan of the Konmari method (spoiler: more in depth post coming on this soon), I just had neither the time nor energy to tackle my whole room. But, good gravy my desk area needed help. So, I used my own method that combines some Konmari with some good old-fashioned cleaning. (It ended up being way more effective than I thought it would be.)
So, as I am finishing up my Simplify Your Life series, I thought my organize-a-thon would be the perfect example of today’s post! So, grab a sticky note, go find the area of your that is currently bothering you the most, and let’s get started!
How to Organize Your Space in No Time
1. Categorize
For me, this was the most important step. I took everything out and sorted everything in my desk (and bedside table drawer, because I want that stuff to end up in my desk) into some general categories- notebooks, pencils and pens, school supplies, and some miscellaneous piles. By sorting, I can really see how much of each type of thing I have since everything is laid out on the floors.

SAM_2587 SAM_2586 SAM_2585 SAM_2583
2. Throw away or Put Away
I had several things- makeup, markers, a ruler- that did not belong in my desk area. Putting things where they should be immediately gave me more space. I also needed to throw a ton away (as you can see). Yay for decluttering!

3. Visualize.
This is where the process gets fun! You wanted to declutter this space for a reason. What was it? Look at the area that is now bare and empty of stuff and imagine what you want it to look like. What is this space’s function? What is the atmosphere? I wanted my desk to be extremely functional yet feminine, a place where I could both work and be creative, minimalistic but pretty.
4. Organize
Last step guys! Thanks for sticking with me this far! Now that you have only the things you truly want in this space and you know what you want this space to look like, it’s time to put it all together! The interpretation of this step is up to you. To paraphrase David Allen from Getting Things Done, organized means what you want it to. So, have fun! Do whatever works for you (and look on Pinterest for inspiration with caution– your space will not and does not need to look like theirs!).

SAM_2593 SAM_2596 SAM_2598 SAM_2600


I hope my organization method helps you get started on that messy space you’ve been avoiding! Leave a comment below on how you like to organize, what you’ve been struggling with, and your own tips! I’d love to hear from you!

Books I’m Reading: April

Books I'm Reading_ April
Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is here, and I have a list of  excellent books to read for you guys! I read a lot more this month compared to last month (I found a lot of new ways to read more from this post at Intentional by Grace). This month I read a lot of “self improvement” books- sort of. I’ll explain why I read these as I go. Let’s get started!
the excellence habit

The Excellence Habit by Vlad Zachery

Honestly, I am not sure why this book ended up on my Kindle. I think it may have been a deal of the day( I hope it was a deal of some kind!). I’m not sure what I was hoping for from this book, but I found nothing of value. At all. The basic premise of The Excellence Habit is that it takes hard work and being unwilling to settle to be excellent, along with a bunch of filler stories. I feel like most people know that without having to read about it. (Does anyone have any recommendations on a better book for changing your habits?)
paige torn

Paige Torn by Erynn Mangum

Paige Torn is one of those novels that you come back and read again and again. This is my third  probably fifth time to read this novel, and I love it more every single time. Paige Alder is a young Christian adult who finds herself beyond busy and struggles to find meaning in what she is doing with her life. She really is completely stuck. (I feel like at least I can totally relate to her on so many levels, including her addiction to Starbucks!) Paige is very sarcastic and witty, and I adore her. This is one of those really fast-paced books that you can read in a weekend, so there are no excuses not to read this winner!

blog for profit

How to Blog for Profit without Selling Your Soul by Ruth Soukup

This is the most exciting book I have read this month. I have so many ideas now to make this blog better than ever! Ruth Soukup is one of my blogging muses. She is over at Living Well Spending Less. She also, obviously, wrote the book Living Well, Spending Less, which I wrote about in this blog post. If you are a blogger in any phase, I seriously recommend this book. Soukup really breaks down what makes a blog stand out and be enjoyed by readers. (So this book is a win for you and me!)
getting things done

Getting Things Done by David Allen

I read this book a while back and loved the productivity methods David Allen wrote about. If you are stuck in a rut and feel like you cannot get anything done, this is definitely a book to read! Allen has a complete five step system to completely organize and manage every last aspect of your life. Anyway, I used his methods at the beginning of the year, but then I really discovered bullet journaling.I couldn’t find a way to use both, and my bullet journal was just so much fun that I scrapped GTD altogether. But, Kara Benz over at Boho Berry (who is one of my absolute bullet journal gurus) discovered GTD a little while back, and she is putting up a video about implementing it in her bullet journal today! So, I reread this book purely for watching this video today! (Am I obsessed or what?)

Books to read-- What I read in April

Have y’all read any of these books? What did you think? What have you been reading this month? Anything to add to my Books to Read list?

Have a Planning System

Have a Planning System

Let’s get real for a moment. Life gets crazy and out of control. A lot. And usually, the first thing to go out the window is setting aside time to make a plan. When things start to pile up, I know that I- and probably you too- go straight into reactive mode. There is no planning ahead, no time to get your bearings. We are all just trying to keep our heads above water. But, if you have been following along with the blog, you know that I am on a bit of a mission to simplify my life (check out my first post here), and, for me, having a planning system is where the magic really happens.

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Moving to a New Bullet Journal

Moving to a New Bullet Journal (1)Hello everyone!! So sorry I did not post Monday, but things are crazy with the semester wrapping up that I will be posting just once a week- on Fridays for Saturdays- for the rest of the month. But, now on to happier news. I started a new bullet journal this month!!! I am so excited to share this with you all. Brace yourselves- this is a really long post!!

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How to Create Routines

How to Create Routines
People often say that clearing your life of all of the unimportant is the only true way to experience what is important. I love this idea, but how can I clear my life of mundane things- like cleaning my bedroom- that still need to get done? Life is made up of moments, and a lot of them must be spent doing simple tasks such as homework or cleaning. That is just a fact of life. But, our entire lives do not need to be spent spinning our wheels on these “unimportant” and boring tasks; that just robs us of joy. So, as part of my series on simplifying your life (check out the first blog post here), I have a very simple one word answer for you.

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Books I’m Reading: March

Books I'm Reading: MarchGood morning everyone! Sorry I missed posting on Friday (being sick is not fun!), but I am back for another post on what I have been reading this month! Unfortunately, I have not had too much time to read, but what books I have read have been absolutely excellent! Let’s dive right in!

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